Earlier this week, Changelabs; one of the leading entrepreneurial accelerators in the world, announced the 10 startups joining its first 6-week cohort in Egypt, and Cyyann; our tech startup, was one of them!

In this series of weekly posts, I’ll keep you updated of our experience in the program, especially that it’s a first for us, ready? Let’s kick off!

Let’s do a quick intro on Cyyann.

Cyyann is an early stage tech startup that creates a pathway to employment and education through making apartment sharing, mainly group rentals, more accessible, more safe and trustworthy, and more friendly. It does this through offering mainly 3 services: 1) Connecting apartment seekers together, 2) search tool for apartments, and 3) apartment listing. It started in February 2019.

As you can see in the picture above, we have secured almost half a million EGP whether in services or in cash from Changelabs accelerator program, and we are honored to be one of the startups joining the first cohort.

We are currently operating from the Greek Campus in Cairo, and it’s a very promising experience so far. The program focuses on content and sessions, while also focusing on the positive development of startups through constant feedback from top-niche entrepreneurs, judges, and subject matter experts, and we’ve made use of this to a very good extent. This week, the sessions were about team leadership instructed by Wael Farag (The Trainer), HR instructed by Mohamed El Shafie (ASSESS), and personal branding. Additionally, we had a fireside chat with the brilliant Ayman Shehata; founder of El Rehla, as well as a one-on-one session with Changelabs founder; Karim Samra.

I’ve made really good friendships with the cofounders of the other startups, as well as the Changelabs team, as they both are truly hardworking and smart on the professional level, and possess brilliant character qualities on the personal level, and for that I’m grateful.

At the end of each week, there is a pitch competition hosted by Changelabs to assess the progress of the competing startups, with judges of high caliber from the Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem. This week’s judges were Mr. Mohammed Morsy; Country Head of Finance in Motion, Ms. Mahi El Jazzar; Senior Manager of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Ms. Yara Abo El Wafa; Consultant at the World Health Organization. This week, Cyyann ranked 2nd over the 10 startups, and ranked 1st over the other tech startups. It’s a very encouraging beginning and a strong indicator of our potentials. However, we have a long way to go still, and we are willing to walk it through.

See you next week!

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