What an end to a defining week! 
This week has been almost empty when it comes to sessions, but quite busy when it comes to the actual work we’ve done.

Let’s give it a quick review!

The week started very early on Saturday with an important team meeting to review our progress and our goals for the next few weeks in the program. Many points regarding our team dynamics and business operations were identified and stressed on, as well as our understanding for the current stage we’re in.

In the following day, we had a very crucial meeting with our mentor;Gehad Abdulla, founder and CEO of MerMaid. It was our first meeting with her, but it proved to be so productive and eye-opening. Besides, Gehad possesses a quality character that we’re lucky to have known! We discussed some strategies for customer acquisition, learned about new opportunities including Startup School by YC (Very recommended), and took pieces of advice from her on what we need to bear in mind through our current stage.

The following day, we had a chat with Amr Fawzy; CEO of GoodsMart, and it was truly of great benefit for us as to how startups operate in the early stages. For the following few days, we set tasks for each team member for the week; those tasks are meant to speed our progress towards earning revenue and finishing our mobile application as soon as we can.

On Thursday, we went to GIZ in Zamalek to pitch Cyyann in front of Mr. Uwe Gehlen; the first counsellor of the German ambassador to Egypt, and Mr. Haydar El Boghdady, one of the renowned figures in the development sector. It was big for us, and everybody else! We pitchedCyyann, and got great feedback from the two esteemed judges, which eventually landed us in the 2nd place over the 8 startups that attended, and the 1st place over tech startups. This rank was the same rank we got in the first week from different judges, which reflects consistency in how well we pitch our idea. However, we aim to shift our work forward in order to advance, first as a business, and second as a ranking.

Speaking for myself, I had a lot of fun this week, getting to know the other startups better, and establish true friendships with their founders and the Changelabs team, which is something I truly appreciate on the personal level, and I want to continue doing it up until the end of the program.

Excited to know our story for Week Three? Not even close to what we are!

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