The past two weeks have been so busy and quite hard to keep up with, to the point that I neither had time nor energy to write Week Three blog post on time, but here we are; at the other end of the tunnel!

Where to begin? Ah, Week Three! I think Week Three had two main highlights for us:

1) The beginning of our offline operations to acquire customers and apartments.

So much work has been done that week, and it really made us believe that when provided with the necessary resources, we can scale up very fast.

2) Thursday pitch!

It was not quite satisfying for us, as we performed poorly in it, but the feedback was so valuable; it’s always so valuable to see how investors perceive our startup. We ranked 3rd by score, and 5th by the numerical order of the startups.

Week Four, however, was much much more busy, and way more mind-tiring. We iterated some core concepts in our idea to make it more relevant to our market and to the investors. It was a hefty process that we managed to get done, eventually. This week’s Thursday pitch was held at Uber, and it was better than last week, but definitely not the best we could do. However, we managed to rank 3rd, which is an up-rise of two places when compared to last week. We take the ranking as an indication of how well we are perceived by the investors, but not -in any way- an indication of how well our startup is doing.

We’re getting closer and closer to the Demo Day on August 22, and we’re slowly making our way to our best.
Way to go, Cyyann!

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